I will create your ACX audiobook for Audible from scratch. We will start with an online meeting to discuss the themes in the book and what you are looking to achieve from it. Then I will read the book making notes and asking you questions along the way. Then I will audition characters to you and we can tweak the performances. Next, I will record the book a few chapters at a time and begin editing to ACX standards. We will be in touch throughout this process as you receive the audio chapters and we will continue to edit the flow of the story. Finally we will add music, if requested, and upload to ACX together. The audiobook is then yours and my part is paid as one fee. You gain all the profit from your book after that point with no dividends given to myself. I will always be available for consultation afterwards. The final part will be an interview on my YouTube channel where you will talk about your process, your inspirations and the book in general. Get in touch now using the CONTACT/CONTATTI page and we will begin work on your audiobook!

Berek the Blackguard‘ by Frank Thomas is a slow-burning medieval thriller telling the grittier version of the events laid out in the film Braveheart.

The Conduit‘ by Philip Macko is a psychological thriller set in modern day America, in which our protagonist, or rather, anti-hero Nathan Badger finds himself retracing his cryptic past to discover that he was more deeply involved in a cult than he’d ever imaged. People will die along the way.

A Short Collection of Horrifying Tales‘ by Elizabeth Gelbman is a haunting collection of sinister stories that range from the psychological to the fantastical. This excerpt here is from the story called ‘Bone Soup‘.