adam pritchett

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My service creates audiobooks for authors from the initial read through to completion on Audible with fine detail and an open rapport. From our initial conversation, I will explain in detail how I will fully read and research your book, opening up a dialogue online where we can talk to each other and discuss such details as accents, character backgrounds, speed, energy, stingers and any other aspect of your audiobook. I create the audiobook from scratch, record in my studio and edit using my software and create the files to ACX/Audible standards. All you have to do then is upload to ACX/Audible and your book is there! I charge a single one off fee and don’t ask for royalties, so once the audiobook is complete, it is all yours. I keepĀ your raw files in a .zip on my computer so that if you ever need to change anything in the future we can. Due to our open dialogue, I am able to send batches of chapters through at a time for you to listen to and then I can correct lines if for examples: they were actually spoken by someone else / the stress of the sentence is incorrect / the voice just isn’t working etc. I am a trained actor graduating from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2010 with over 10 years of experience in the industry and a plethora of accents and voices that I can bring to your book. Get in touch and we can start creating your audiobook today. I am open about pricing also. I charge $1000 for 80,000 words. You can then use the formula: (your amount of words) x 1000 / 80,000 = to get the amount that your audiobook would cost. I specify in dollars due to my work on Fiverr (adamalexanderva) as it is easier to compute. We will open up a dropbox and I will send the files across and we will compile your audiobook together. Kindly, Adam.

"Adam is a REMARKABLE talent, but so much more. After viewing his audition here and hearing the broad array of voices he does, I reached out to him to record my audiobook. From this day forward his approach to my project was thoughtful, intelligent and committed. He took ownership. From the day we finalized our agreement to the day he delivered the finished product, he put heart and soul into creating something inspired. And that's exactly what he did. I am so grateful to him, and in awe of the talent he possesses. More important than all this though, he's a genuinely good person. I'm honored to call him my friend. My audiobook is something I can be proud of - all thanks to Adam! "
Phillip Macko
Writer of The Conduit
"Adam is absolutely incredible. He's versatile and professional. He really brought my book to life!"
Elizabeth Gelbman
Writer of A Short Collection of Horrifying Tales