Calvin Sparks Audiobook Adam Pritchett

Calvin Sparks

Working with Rusty Anderson has been a real delight. He has written a brilliant children’s book based off of the ever requested tales he used to tell his children at night, that have launched into a series. Rusty was incredibly open to ideas including working with my beloved composer Filippo Ciccioli, who created original music for the audiobook and for all the endless voices I had to create for the book, including the screeching Grazzlum, the snarling yeti, the cock-sure Grayson and pathetic little Perry. Rusty is a hard worker but also incredibly laid back and I had the time of my life making this audiobook for him. Calvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria is the first in a series following Calvin’s tales and the second: Calvin Sparks and the Lake of Miracles is out now on Amazon in book form and may well be a project that Rusty and I embark on in the not too distant future. For now, the Crossing to Cambria is available on and and you can go directly to it by clicking the link below.